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We're so excited that you chose Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting as a trusted adviser.  We want to share our Keys to Success so please check out our job board for opportunities. Also, scroll over to any one of our social media pages for up-to-date info!

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Our Clients

These direct relationships with awesome clients paired with trust means we have a lot of insight to empower you with so you can become more knowledgeable and shine in your interviews and on the job. There are endless possibilities!

Due Diligence

After carefully assessing your goals, aptitude, technical skills and personality, we work diligently to match you with outstanding clients and the right roles. We'll also keep your resume on file for future openings. It's about your career aspirations.

Quality Checks

Prior to employment, we regularly check in with you to verify your availability and to simply see how you're doing. We commit to connecting with you before and after interviews. During employment, we touch base with you to gauge your satisfaction and listen to anything you have to say. We also are checking in with clients to provide you with transparent performance feedback. Your success matters to us!

Good Benefits

 Flexibility of working on short or long-term assignments which allow you to sharpen and gain skills, develop professionally and become more marketable. Ooh! Also resume critiques, study materials and interview prep services. Dental, life and vision insurance and 401(k) are employee-funded. Medical insurance is coming soon.  If you're a Direct-Hire, you'll receive all the benefits the client offers.


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