Meet the CEO

I understand the woes of being laid off as a single mom of young, twin boys. Coming from managing the contingent workforce, recruitment and operations of billion-dollar, Fortune 500 companies, I still found it tough. 

Tough to express my value in a resume after not having looked at my own in so long. It was even more challenging to sell myself in an interview. "What have you done?" they asked. "Everything!" I thought-but I never gave up. My mental toughness and unwavering faith in God got me through the pity parties and inspired me to put a road map in place for others who dream of a new life where they are in control of their career and just need a connection to get them there. 

I love technology and all of the miraculous things it continues to do for us, but the human side of staffing has fallen to the waste side. I experienced this time and time again in my search.  I empathize with job seekers' struggles, but also with the  overworked hiring managers who just simply don't have the time to  identify the right people for their needs,  while managing several groups, and having to adhere to many deadlines. They usually are stretched thin and don't have the bandwidth to review several, sometimes hundreds of resumes or create  compliant job descriptions which leads to other issues - it can all feel so impossible to juggle. 

My experiences on both ends of the spectrum revealed my super power and God's purpose to establish Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting!

I built my business around guiding, preparing and arming high-caliber, mid to senior-level job seekers with self-awareness. This awareness fosters confidence which empowers them to be mentally and emotionally fortified, stay determined and land a job that is fulfilling and meaningful. Qwalifize guides both our Employer Clients and Job Seekers to this state of mind which creates a laser-focus to accomplish their personal, professional and business goals.

Thank you all so much for letting us serve you!

With respect and sincerity,

Lizbeth Walker, CEO


400 W Emmett St
Kissimmee, Florida 34741


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