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"Your Bilingual Workforce Matchmakers in IT, HR and Administrative Spaces"


We are proud to be the first Information Technology-focused staffing and consulting company

headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida.

We help employers accomplish their short and long-term workforce goals. Is your company new to the area or not satisfied with your current staffing vendors?

Let us elevate your staffing experience!

 As a true partner, we consult our clients on the best ways to meet their project deadlines, business needs, avoid costs and save time. Having worked on all sides of staffing, operations and workforce management, we've know how to prevent employer blind spots, procedural shortcuts, temporary fixes that fail over time and under delivering.

These are just some of the very many practices we counter with our workforce planning avoid after reviewing current processes, and help them build job descriptions and other workforce needs. As a vendor, we bring smarts, efficient practices and reporting to provide useful data which prevents and minimizes vulnerabilities. We also onboard workers who grow with your company so they are not only awesome for the right now, but also skills that are fit to adjust and continue achieving goals down the road.

Ethical and compliant practices lead to mitigation of risk, less stress and stronger, energetic teams!


To attract, prepare and place highly-skilled job seekers into meaningful IT, HR, and administrative roles while successfully accomplishing clients’ workforce hiring needs consistently. 


Execute TRANSPARENT business practices. Work with a sense of URGENCY. Make ETHICAL decisions. Boost morale with FUN!


To help companies meet their business initiatives by analyzing their workforce challenges and providing high-caliber candidates that bring creative solutions to their teams. Business, professional and personal goals being met equals a happier, stronger, growing economy!


Employer Challenges: 

 Clients, we understand you're busy with scaling your business and we know firsthand the time and cost associated with bringing on workers: looking for and interviewing candidates, calling references, running background checks, managing benefits, payroll, performance, HR, reports, etc. Short-term projects need your attention immediately, but long-term needs also need to be addressed. 

Staffing Remedies:

It's okay, together we will evaluate your current recruitment processes and pain points to identify and execute staffing relief solutions. Our Staff Augmentation, Direct Placement or Payrolling options can free you of administrative, onboarding and other hiring burdens. Allowing us to help will enable you to become more sustainable and profitable by closing your workforce gaps. 

Our Core Talent:

Information Technology

Project Managers


Business Analysts

Human Resources

HR Directors

HR Managers

HR Generalists


Operations Managers

Executive Administrators

Office Managers


We work to close any gaps in compliance, processes, performance and skills which are key to building and maintaining successful teams - there is strength in numbers so our solutions aid in preventing team burnout by distributing the workload.

Keep in mind that sometimes the skill sets required for these niche roles cross over which means our peeps are agile in their thinking and performance. We deliberately have more great peeps lined up who are experts in other industries and ready to start making an impact!

What We Offer Employer Clients

Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home

Workforce Analysis

We identify and mitigate vulnerabilities such as procedural and

documenting shortcuts, compliance oversights,

delivery shortcomings, and temporary fixes that fail over time. We will help create and manage robust, FLSA-compliant job descriptions, job positings, the influx of resumes and more.  

Our Job Seekers

Our job seekers are proven performers. They are polished, highly-skilled, self-sufficient, critical thinkers and a pleasure to work with! They come equipped with great attitudes, work ethics, fresh ideas and are reliable in every way. Guess what?! They are even local!



We assess our job seekers’ aptitudes, technical skills, and personalities to ensure they are the right fit for your teams and the role at hand. We are all about adhering to compliance standards such as reference checks, employment verification and all other vetting requirements to solidify their readiness.



Prior to employment, we regularly check in with our peeps to verify availability and commitment. During employment, we frequently engage with our clients and peeps to ensure continued success. Up-to-date feedback and performance are important to us - everyone should be happy!

Turnaround Time

We already have a pipeline of peeps with various, recent skills who are enthusiastic to prove themselves and get started quickly. Please know that we will handle emergencies outside of everyone else's "normal business" hours to meet workforce needs - with urgency and accuracy too! It's what we do!

Now you don't have to navigate your workforce planning alone!

What We Offer Job Seekers

Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home
Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home



If you didn't know, we spend days, months and years researching, developing and nurturing our client relationships. "So what?" you ask. These direct relationships with awesome clients paired with trust means we  have a lot of insight to empower you with so you can become more knowledgeable and shine in your interviews and on the job. With your great performance, there are endless possibilities that will be open to you!



After carefully assessing your goals, aptitude, technical skills and personality, we work diligently to match you with outstanding clients and the right roles. We'll also keep your resume on file for future openings. We've got your back when it comes to placing you in roles that are meaningful to you and that positively impact your career aspirations!



Prior to employment, we regularly check in with you to verify your availability and to simply see how you're doing. We commit to connecting with you before and after interviews. During employment, we touch base with you to gauge your satisfaction and listen to anything you have to say. We also are checking in with clients to provide you with transparent performance feedback. Your success matters to us!



Flexibility of working on short or long-term assignments which allow you to sharpen and gain skills, develop professionally and become more marketable. Ooh! Also resume critiques, study materials and interview prep services. Dental, life and vision insurance and 401(k) are employee-funded. Medical insurance is coming soon. That's what's up!

Now you don't have to navigate your job search alone!


We focus on providing excellent permanent placement, dedicated government resources, outsourcing and consulting services which reduces overhead and other intangible costs associated with hiring. We offer a variety of workforce solutions which are built on the strength of Qwalifize talent management and recruitment leadership. With Qwalifize in place supporting you as a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government , we will complement your business initiatives, immediately and in long-term goals. Our direct-hire solution provides extremely qualified candidates for permanent employment and are prescreened to your specific requirements. Our contract-to-hire solution delivers highly experienced, prescreened employees that you may select for full-time employment at your discretion. You have the option to evaluate employees via phone, virtually and onsite before making a final hiring decision. These services avoid labor-intensive hiring activities across your operations nationwide. 


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561330 - Professional Employer Organizations



Testimonial from our client

"I received two great opportunities. The coaching and interview prep are so thorough and are great skills you will carry with you always. I highly recommend Qwalifize. The professionalism and attention to detail can't be matched!"

- S. Louise R. 

Testimonial from our client

"The service has been excellent! I needed to think outside the box and do something different, something bold. I am so happy with my new resume and I feel super prepared! I am finally getting more responses at the career level I've been seeking. Thank you so much!"

- Theresa D.

"Lizbeth helped me optimize my resume for maximum impact. Her insights were right on the money!"

- Henry D.

"After I received my resume critique, I felt more confident and ready to start applying for higher-level positions outside of my company that I deserved to be in!"

- N. Ruiz


Lizbeth Walker

My "Why"

When I was an employee and a single mother of growing twin boys, I experienced job loss. It was a blow to my self-esteem. I came from managing the contingent workforce, recruitment and operations of billion-dollar and Fortune 500 companies. Even with all this experience, it was still a battle expressing my value on a resume and even more challenging to sell myself in an interview-things change and I felt I was lost and stuck, but I never gave up. My mental toughness and unwavering faith in God got me through the pity parties and I was emboldened.

I love technology, but an applicant tracking system is not emotionally intelligent nor can it tell who will fit in with your company's culture. My superpower is the ability to understand the human side of staffing. I empathize with job seekers' struggles, but also with the overworked hiring manager who just simply doesn't have the time to search and identify the right person for their needs. They usually are stretched thin and don't have the bandwidth to review several resume submissions nor create a compliant job description which leads to other issues- it can all feel so impossible to juggle, but it's okay, we're here for you!

built my business around guiding, preparing and arming high-caliber, mid to senior-level job seekers with self-awareness and confidence as a means to placing them into fulfilling roles while being laser-focused on meeting clients' short and long-term workforce needs.

This freedom of outsourcing allows for stronger IT and HR infrastructures, peace of mind and exponential growth!

Thank you in advance for allowing Qwalifize to serve you!  


Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting - Home

What's up?

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We are fluent in English, Spanish and Spanglish. 

We are here to help so please don't hesitate to reach out!