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Qwalifize is a premier technology-focused staffing and consulting firm. Our extensive experience in recruitment, operations and human resources with a client portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, enables us to support the Health Tech, Microelectronics, Gaming, Aerospace and Attractions industries to Government and beyond.

We attract and place professionals in areas of the country that are growing in the technology landscape experiencing a technology boom, but are lacking in local resources. We also draw candidates to organizations who need them to continue accelerating. 

As a bilingual, woman and minority-owned business, we provide unique insight to both English and Spanish-speaking Employer clients and Job Seekers. Many of our solutions include the administration management of preliminary employment checks, onboarding paperwork, worker performance, compliance, timecards, payroll, reporting, confidentiality and so much more! 

Our Employer Clients are surprised and satisfied with the results to include the ease and level of comfort working with our company. 

Our Employer Client Solutions umbrella covers Direct Hire/Permanent Placement, Staff Augmentation/Temporary Placement, Contract-to-Hire Placement, Contractor Payrolling, Government Contracting,and Enrollment Marketing. For ambitious candidates looking to advance their career path, we offer Job Seeker Toolkit services. 

We are your one-stop-shop for recruitment and personnel specialties. 

There's a vast amount of talent out there 

and we already know them!

Our Specialty Areas

Not only do we integrate technical workforce infrastructure, but also support your Human Resources and Administrative department needs. Our candidates are tech savvy, organized, detail-oriented, and compliance-centric which will lead your business to more success. 


Project Managers

 Program Managers

Cybersecurity Professionals

iOS & Android Developers

Business Analysts

MSP/VMS Managers

System Administrators

Help Desk Representatives

Human Resources

Chief HR Officers

HR Directors

HR Managers

HR Generalists

Benefits Administrators



Operations Managers

Executive Assistants

Office Managers

Office Assistants

Data Entry Clerks

We consult in the areas of workforce expansion, planning and compliance. Think about all the resumes that are to be reviewed, candidates to be vetted, data integrity and systems to be managed. The list goes on. Hiring can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. 

Qwalifize will automate the hiring processes and simplify your operations. We take a consultative approach during our appointments together in order to better serve you. We're personable, we'll analyze your workforce needs carefully and confidentially.

We also have candidates with excellent experience in the Finance, Marketing, Health, Construction and Manufacturing industries. 

We work to close any gaps in compliance, processes, performance and skills which are key to building and maintaining successful teams - there is strength in numbers so our solutions aid in preventing team burnout by distributing the workload. 

The skill sets for these niche roles can cross over which means our candidates are agile in their thinking and performance. 

We deliberately have more great candidates lined up who are experts in other industries ready to start making an impact!

How would you like to join a group of the world’s brightest minds?

We’re proud to have built a community powered by a diverse conglomerate of industry leaders and market talent, who teach others, develop skills through teaming, and are innovators who drive us all to visions not yet seen.

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