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Employer Client Solutions

Direct Hire (Permanent Placement)

No need for several candidates to reach out to you. We focus our time to identify, vet, interview, skills-test, then present them based on your needs. There is only a one-time fee and TADA! You have a new worker on staff.  

Staff Augmentation (Temporary Placement)

Have a short-term need, a skills gap or want more hands-on-deck? We offer the same quality of sourcing plus management of the onboarding, HR relations and payrolling (as the employer of record), performance and even take care of offboarding. Simple as that.


Our "try before you buy" model allows for a preset trial time with the intent of converting our W-2 worker to your permanent employee. They already understand the team culture and now what they are doing, why not?!


You have a candidate, but don't want all the responsibilities of being the employer? No problem. You interview them and we'll set them up in our system. Less legwork for us equals an even better rate for you. 

* Dependent upon the service chosen

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